Sunday, April 26, 2020

A juneville Snowgoose

I wentbout early this morning, around 8 a.m. thinking thatbirds like to feed early.actually I was hungry too, but everyone else at my house was still sleeping. I came upon a flock of Canada Geese, about 25 or so, and at the edge of them I saw a white plastic bag ( or so I thought) , but then the plastic bag  started moving around

eeding! I suddenly realized that I was watching a Snowgoose! Snow geese are not native to my area or common. Every season a few are sometimes seen among Canada flock, but I had never seen one this close to my home before!! How amazing! And how beautiful it was! Upon returning home the curiosity of why it had a black beak was solved! We were able to I D it as a juvenile Snowgoose!  I hope it is still in my area to be seen, early tomorrow morning. However I have just been out checking the area this afternoon and broadening my search area and not a goose was in sight. Neither a Canada’s or a snowgoose

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