Tuesday, April 28, 2020

A Road Crossing adventure

I had many interesting sightings this morning : Canada Geese, a Snow goose, a pair of Wood Ducks, a few Ring-necked Ducks, an Eastern Phoebe, several Grackles. On my way home there was a road crossing adventure. I spied a male Mallard Duck on the shoulder of the road waiting to cross, so I pulled my car over. meanwhile I had noticed two deer on the road shoulder just ahead of me. As the Mallard started to cross an oncoming car also stopped to help shepherd the Mallard across the road safely.

At the same time the deer were taking advantage of the stopped traffic and it crossed the road behind the parked car.
Once the Mallard and the deer were across. The other car and I pulled back onto the highway and drove on. As I pulled into the traffic lane, I saw a flutter of wings as the female Mallard which had been on the road shoulder with the male( unknown to me) flew across the highway to land in the ditch opposite. But all was well and ended wel


Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

That's adorable! It is extra nice to see wildlife going about their lives.

eileeninmd said...


Cute, I am glad the duck and deer were able to cross safely.
Take care, have a happy day!