Monday, August 13, 2007

Early Morning Birding

Yesterday morning, having woken early, and as the rest of my household was still sleeping, I ventured out to do some early morning birding before breakfast. Our river is a very likely place to find early morning activity and so I decided to make the observation post overlooking it (the river) my first stop. The rising sun cast strong light upon the water and the reflections of a couple of Spotted Sandpipers were more clearly seen than the actual birds which was the source of their mirror images. A nearby apple tree was full of noise and upon checking out its source I found a Philadelphia Vireo there. When turning to leave I hear my first Osprey of the day and could see the resident flock of Pigeons flying to the highway bridge nearby. My next stop was a lake a few miles away and I was really pleased to see a group of Wood Duck feeding there. I had noticed these ducks a few days ago but they usually disappeared as soon as they had seen me. As one juvenile separated from the group and fed a distance from the others, it came closer to me and the still waters created a beautiful reflection of it. Having decided it was time to return home I had moved only a few meters up the road when I noticed activity close by in a Chokecherry tree which was full of ripe fruit. There were two Eastern Kingbirds there and one immed- iately flew to the wires overhead; while the other dis- appeared. I think maybe the bird pictured to the left above is a juvenile Kingbird. Having my camera full of bird images I returned home. What a wonderful way to start the day!

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