Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Wood Duck Family

There is a small lake nearby where I often go to watch for Osprey and Kingfishers, Painted Turtles and Red-winged Blackbirds. At the end of the lake the water has been bisected by a road and a railroad bed. The photo above shows the railroad bed and the drainage pipe which connects it to a small sort of swampy pond, drainage area on the other side. I seldom check out this side of the road but a couple of days ago I saw a Wood Duck Family just at the same time they saw me and they quickly disappear -ed into the pipe opening. Deciding to check the area out further I found an old , narrow road down the other side of the railroad track and driving down it found a fascinating swamp like area. Looking through the drainage pipe from this view I saw saw another duck approach the entrance on the other side; but it also anticipating the view saw me and quickly disappeared from its entrance. This spot was a wonderful find and I shall return to this beautiful location again.

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