Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Another Snowy Morning at our Feeders

Another snowy morning in Bird Alley and the need to replenish the bird feeders became an immediate concern. With the first early light I could see Juncos and Tree Sparrows fliting about on the snow covered ground trying to find seeds . Some Tree Sparrows perched on the edge of the feeders but the seeds there were covered too. The male Northern Cardinal, which has become a regular fixture most days now, was also waiting and I watched as it checked out all the food sources, finally settling upon a feeder filled with finch food. The two platform feeders were also snow covered and the Mourning Doves and Pine Grosbeaks could only perch there and wait. You can get some idea of the depth of snow in our feeder area by the picture below of my spouse while he is replenishing the feeders. As it is still snowing we put out only a small amount of food for it will be soon covered again.


Kingsdowner said...

Now that's what I call serious snow - and dedication to the cause of bird-feeding!

Here in England there is widespread panic at a possible threat of up to an inch of snow falling tomorrow, and temperatures falling below zero (centigrade).
Traffic jams, no trains - just wait!

On the plus side, it might bring some birds over from the colder continent.

Keep feeding (and Happy New Year)!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure those birds appreciate your dedication to them!

me ann my camera said...

Well Steve, "Welcome to the Great White North", and the real definition of "winter!".

Actually this winter is a surprise to many for we have not had such heavy snows, as we have had so early into this winter season, for many years now.

Part of the dedication to bird feeding on these cold, freezing, snowy mornings, is the resultant feeling of discomfort that comes upon me while I am watching from the warm, inside of my snowy window while outside these beautiful, little hungry creatures are wondering where their next seed will come from.

Enjoy your English winter; it sounds enviable.

me ann my camera said...

NB naturelover: why not apply today to create your own appreciative feathered fan club?