Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Bald Eagle Flight

I quickly took my first picture from the side window of my car, as I usually do when seeing something special at a distance. In this case the sighting was of a second or third year Bald Eagle on the opposite side of the river. To achieve a better view I would have to get closer and there was always the chance that the bird would see me and decide to leave before I could get another shot. There was an observation deck above the river and that is where I was headed. I tried to hide my approach by lining up with a few bushes in front of the deck, hoping the Eagle wouldn't see me, but of course it did. I don't know who was moving the most, the Eagle or me, but the result was that the pictures had a slight blur to them.Still, I kind of liked the colour and motion effect achieved, as it seemed to give the sense of immediate flight and haste. So I threw in a few more colour curves and thought the results quite dramatic! Nature tho, threw in a curve of drama of its own as I saw a Crow start to give chase. The Eagle flew up the river with the Crow in pursuit; then suddenly I saw them returning, and going in the opposite direction!
I'm assuming that all was well and ended well; for this is often a scene enacted over and over and after awhile the Crow will give up the chase and the Eagle would be left alone.


Sandpiper (Lin) said...

What an exciting thing to see! I can almost feel the movement in these pictures. The race is on! :) Great sequence!

Mary said...

Such drama! And you are so fast to catch it all for us! How wonderful to see eagles...and young ones at that. I wonder what the crow would do if the eagle turned on it? Great shots!

DeVona said...

Wonderful shots! I especially love the third shot down with the upstretched wings and great sense of pattern and movement! The one s of the crow in pursuit are great, too. Your site is so informative, it's always a delight to visit. Thanks!

bobbie said...

You're right. The blurring o the background makes for a sense of speed and drama. Beautiful series!

me ann my camera said...

I'm glad you can sense the movement too for I almost discarded them, but then thought why not post; for I liked them.

I put a lot of faith in my camera and just point and shoot; hoping for the best; or even at times will accept the second best as well :-)

The third one down is my favourite too. I love how the feathers just seem to bend with the motion.

I always enjoy being able to post a grouping that visually gives an explanation or story of what might be going on.

Thank you all for your kind comments.

Mo said...

Hi Ann, I agree with the above comments. The blurred background really conveys movement. Well done.

Anonymous said...

I love the eagle's beautiful wings and the way you captured the drama of the moment. Great nature pictures!

me ann my camera said...

The header is new; glad you like it, it is of a Muskrat gthering reeds for food? or nest making? I had seen it in the same place where the eagle was.

mo and april:
Sometimes maybe a blur is almost better than clear, concise details, at least I can assume so in some situtaions if it workds :-)