Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Smallmouth Bass

While standing on a footbridge above, looking down into the river searching for Snapping Turtles, I could see this Smallmouth Bass swimming about in the clear water below. I watched as this gamefish followed a waterbug a short distance before turning away from it, and then watched as an angler tried to lure it with his line, but the Bass also turned away from that too.


bobbie said...

These pictures are so beautiful! The colors underwater are just delightful

Mary said...

Wow...your water is very clear! Those are great pictures!

me ann my camera said...

mary and bobbie:
The water is very clear on sunny days although it seems to have an amber tint. It is alwayas interesting to stand overhead and watch what is going on below, kind of like having a special seat in the balcony!

Unknown said...

You captured some nice photos of the smallmouth bass in the water. I live at the very southern most point of where the southmouth bass can be found- on the Tennessee River near Florence, AL. The world record smallmouth bass was caught just a few miles from here in the Tennessee River (Wheeler Lake). My brother is a fisherman, he often catches 5 to 6 lb "smallies". They are a blast to catch- one of the best game fishes around. It is good to see them way up there in Canada. :)

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

These are really great. The water is so clear.

me ann my camera said...

I found it really interesting to see that you have fish photos posted on your recent blog too! I know very little about fish and had to learn from a neighbour what these fish were. Thanks for the extra input on them.

The clear water is a real advantage when taking these photos!