Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blue sky and ocean for Thursday challenge

blue, is this week's photographic theme for Thursday's Challenge. To view more photos posted on this theme, or to join in on the fun yourself, just 'click' on the highlighted name.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

That is the most beautiful blue.I love both pictures.

Meri said...

Hi there -- the link on Thursday Challenge is broken. You might want to redo it. I got a page saying the page (for this post) doesn't exist, so I clicked on your blog address generally to get here. The shots are pretty --- you don't want people to miss them. Love the cloud formations.

Kathie Brown said...

Is this in the Bay of Fundy? I was always struck by how blue the water is there!

me ann my camera said...

Yes Kathie,
This is the beautiful Bay of Fundy!

Mary said...

My favorite kind of sky! Lovely combination.