Thursday, July 01, 2010

Cliff Swallows Home for Thursday's challenge

Be it ever so humble, there's ..."
Home is the theme to this week's Thursday challenge. This is the second attempt by Cliff Swallows to establish a nest here at this location this spring/summer season. A nest had been built earlier but it had been removed , destroyed by someone unknown to me. It is against the law in Canada and the migratory bird's act to remove the nest of a nesting bird. I am filled with admiration for these birds and their determination to nest successfully when I saw this rebuilt nest this morning and saw a Cliff Swallow entering it.
In the picture above can be seen the bird's tail feathers sticking out from the nest.

The Cliff swallow has turned itself around and its head with a white dash mark can be seen in the nest entrance. Hopefully this nest will remain and the continuation of this unlawful,destructive act of nest removal will not be repeated and young cliff swallows will be able to successfully fledge from this nest.

home, is this week's photographic theme for Thursday's Challenge. To view more photos posted on this theme, or to join in on the fun yourself, just 'click' on the highlighted name.


Kim, USA said...

Oh my that is worth to be protected. Thanks for sharing!

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Ruth's Photo Blog said...

You have great shots of the activity around the nest. I do hope the nest will be allowed to stay.

Mary said...

Oh, I hope they nest successfully this time! Their nests are so interesting.