Saturday, July 03, 2010

'open' for photo hunter

This has been been an open area until now but it will soon be all closed in and it will keep out those' hosta loving deer' who love to visit and lunch and munch in our garden. Soon the fence panels will be put in place, as casn be seen the fence posts are already cemented into the ground and instead of the openess that can now be seen, It wll be a solid wall. My husband and youngest son are doing a fine job with this demanding project.

This week's theme for photo hunter is 'open' and it is open to your own interptation. To see what others have contributed or to add your own please click on the photo huntcr badge on the top sidebar on the right. Have a great Saturday

Four solid panels are now in place. Soon the open spaces will be all closed in. You're both doing a great job, Sean and David! A big thank you to both of you!


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

THe fence will look very nice,once in place.Have a great weekend.

carolina mts said...

That is quite a project..mine open is more quiet! Happy 4th!

Becky said...

Looks like a wonderful project for the two of them. Good luck with keeping those dear deer out of your garden.

Mary said...

That will look really nice when it is done! Great job by the workers and the photographer as well.

Nellie from Beyond My Garden said...

We love our fence. I am still in wonder at the garden's lushness (word?) once the deer have been shut out.