Friday, December 09, 2011

A two eagle sighting!

Most of my daily birding drives recently have not been very successful , however on Wednesday there was a difference, a Big difference. Two big eagles perched in a rugged,scruffy looking tree just a few kilometers from my home. For taking these pictures I got out of my car. Usually a windshield view is what I am satisfied with but I didn't want to miss this opportunity.
It was difficult to get a good photo of both birds in the tree? The eagle perched mid way on the tree was definitely an adult with a full white head and its white tail showing also.
Above, a bad hair day I think!

The eagle at the top of the tree featured a lot of white mottling on its breast, influencing me to guess that it was probably a 2nd. or 3rd year eagle but it lacked a white head and tail. This eagle appeared to be a bit antsy and figidity and I knew it wouldn't stay there long as I stood far below it with my camera pointed up at it. I wasn't sure I would stay there long either as it was I felt a bit intimidated when looking up at those sharp claws above me. The top eagle spread its mottled wings and left, giving me a further view of its extensive mottling patterning.

Now that I know where to maybe find them I will go looking for them again today.
Good-bye Eagles. You were magnificent!


Becky said...

A bald eagle sighting is always exciting and memorable, but your pictures are exceptional. Perhaps the birds will hang around and you will get more chances.Sometimes they find a snag to sit on and use it often. Bravo!!!

eileeninmd said...

I always enjoy seeing the eagles, great captures. Have a wonderful weekend!

eileeninmd said...

I always enjoy seeing the eagles, great captures. Have a wonderful weekend!

DeVona said...

What a magnificent sighting, and great gnarly tree, too!

Alan Pavey said...

That was a great sight to find while driving, well done on getting the those pictures, fantastic!! They really are magnificent birds.

Helen said...

I would love to spot 2 Bald eagles that close. There was as Eagle nest on the waters we used to fish a lot. She or he would ease down in the nest if you got to close to the nest, then you saw nothing. I saw one of them come across the water with a fish in it's talons a couple of times. Always thrilled me. Didn't have a camera back then.