Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Little Blue Heron

                      seen at Central Blissville NB on May 3rd.,
The Little blue Heron was seen along the edge of the flooded area back near the tree lines and brush. Imagine my surprise when at first I thought that the dark bird I was watching at a distance was not a crow, it wasn't a crow but a Little Blue Heron, a life bird for me!

I have gone to this area several times since but I have not seen the little heron again.

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Annie said...

Hi Anna,

In the midst of a huge change in my life, I am also slipping back into blogging and paying attention to old friends. Don and I are leaving California in 18 days. We sold our home and are moving to SE Missouri to be closer to our children and grandchildren. Exciting times ahead.

I also have a new blog to reflect this new circumstance. It's called "A California Girl Meets the Bootheel".