Thursday, June 28, 2007

Round-leaved Sundew

This was a new find for me. A very small plant that is know for growing in boggy areas, yet I found this growing on an eroded hillside while looking for butterflies in the dry, sparse, grassy area above. I think there is probably underground water seepage that keeps the area wet and damp at the spot where this Round-leaved Sundew is located. It was not in blossom yet but the tall stem, which is cane-shaped at its top, holds the buds that will come into blossom one at a time. As a child I remember being fascinated when hearing of carnivorous plants. Imagine a plant eating an insect! Even today I am still intrigued by Pitcher Plants whenever I find them. So I was doubly impressed to learn that Sundew is also a carnivorous plant. I didn't see the clear, sticky, liquid droplets on the end of the plant's spines that look like 'dew' until I downloaded my macro photos. Insects flying by will get stuck in this sticky substance and the Sundew plant will gradually dissolve and absorb the nutrients from the trapped insect's body.


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