Friday, June 22, 2007

Painted Turtles

There is a pond alongside the shoulder of a road and it is my favourite spot for finding Painted

Turtles. If the sun is shining I can be quite sure I will find one, or two or even more there. You have to be quick with your camera though for as soon as they are aware of you they are gone! Yesterday as soon as I drove off the road onto the shoulder I could see three sitting on an old, half - submerged, discarded TV cabinet. Two quickly disappear -ed into the water but luckily this one remained. Later on in the summer as the water level lowers even more, a discarded sofa frame becomes a favourite sunning spot for them and Painted Turtles of varying ages and sizes can be seen basking in the sun there.
The yellow and red markings on this Painted Turtle make it very distinctive and easily identi- fiable.This photo (left) was taken in early May, 2006.

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