Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wildlife in my Yard

This handsome creature, Groundhog, popped up from under our garden shed yesterday. He

may have visited last year also but is not a regular, tho we wonder if perhaps we should blame him for our chewed Hosta plants rather than the deer whom we had decided were the culprits.
Another animal visitor Raccoon, stopped by in the early twlight earlier this week to check out the food supply in our bird feeders but they were quite empty having had lots of bird visitors earlier in the day. This masked bandit didn't stay long. Visiting Raccoons do not seem to be as prevelant this year as others and that is a good thing!
I missed the best photo opportunity yesterday when a Doe and two small Fawns walked through out yard. I ran for my camera and they ran for the woods. They reached the shelter of the woods before me and my camera returned.

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