Friday, July 20, 2007

Baby Warblers: Redstart and Black & White

Sweet, sweet! That's the best description I can think of to give for this young,male Redstart. At first I was confused as to its identify but then after looking at pictures of Redstarts in Bird Field Guides I found that the colours seemed to be in the same place, athough the light yellow tail with the black tip, the orange on its the sides, and the black facial markings didn't seem to match either a female or male Redstart in the pictures shown in the bird guide books that I had. Later in the evening I managed to click another picture of another Redstart, and although it is not sharp in detail the markings are somewhat similar to those of the bird in the first photo. The bird shown in this second picture seems to be in a more mature stage of development than the first bird shown and it was looking more like a Redstart. What do you think? Picture below added July 21st.
The second young warbler species shown is a Black and White Warbler. This little warbler did not give as much confusion to its idenity as did the Redstart initially. When it leaned forward the characteristic black and white striping on its head was easily seen.

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