Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Swallow Nesting Habitat

This Barn Swallow had chosen to build its nest high in the rafters of the Starkey Covered Bridge near Coles Island, Queens County.

The Nortern Rough-winged Swallow shown above had nested one summer in this pipe opening located in the cement foundations of an old railroad bridge.

Bank Swallow evacuations are easily seen in this huge pile of sand. These swallows tunnel into the sand or gravel and built their nests there using grass and feathers.

Building their gourd-shaped nest out of sand and silt Cliff Swallows built their first nest at the highest point in the peak of the building. The nest is lined with grass and feathers.

Each spring Tree Swallows return to our Tree Swallow box house that we have put on top of a tall pole on the end of our garage. Once having chosen their house Tree Swallows build a nest within.


Tony Morris said...

I really like your nature blogs. By coincidence I did my posting yesterday about Barn Swallows, this is the Swallow nesting in the UK (if you don't include the two Martins, House and Sand).

me ann my camera said...

Nice Barn Swallow pics on your blog.. thanks for visiting mine, and I appreciate that you enjoy it.