Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Primrose Moth [Schinia florida]

My memories of moths during my childhood years were those of grey, dingy, unwanted things associated with the smell of moth balls. However as my horizons expanded I have encounted many beautiful winged creatures and I find a delight in their beauty. One such moth is the Primrose Moth. I recall an early evening in July, 2004, when out on a walk along a trail I spied from a distance what I thought was a new wildflower; a beautiful yellow one with a pink and white center. Upon closer inspection however I discovered a pink and white moth, a Primrose Moth, nestled in the center of a Common Evening Primrose. Since that time I frequently stop and check out these wildflowers (Evening Primrose) when they come into bloom during July and often can find one or two; or sometimes even three Primrose Moths on the same plant, as is shown in the photo above.


Anonymous said...

He is pretty. I always thought that UGLY=Moth, PRETTY= Butterfly, but he's a nice looking fellow.

me ann my camera said...

With over 10,000 different moth species in North America there just has to be some pretty ones! And its fun searching for them.

Sawwhets News said...

Hi, my cousin in Eastern (southern portion) of Kansas took a photo of a moth, that is very similar to yours, but no beige. I have been trying to find male and female photos, to see if hers is a male.
Do you know where I might be able to find a photo for her?
Many thanks!