Monday, July 16, 2007

Monarchs, Northern Harrier, Eastern Phoebe

Yesterday, hoping to find Monarch butterflies, I decided to check out a Milkweed Patch a few miles away where I had found Monarchs last summer. En route, while passing a large meadow along the way, I saw an adult male Northern Harrier coursing the area and got a distant photo of it before it flew from view. Arriving at the Milkweed Patch I found two beautiful Monarchs. the photo of the one shown above is a male Monarch. Perhaps I shall return there today and search for signs of eggs or caterpillars. Last year I raised a Monarch Caterpillar and was able to observe it change into a beautiful adult butterfly. On the gravelled shoulder of the road nearby I saw a very vibrant, yellow, Orange Sulphur Butterfly and patiently waited for it to settle so as to get its picture. Before returning home I drove to a small lake in the vicinity and just as I stopped my car I saw an Osprey plunge into its waters. Not having my camera ready I watched while it rose from the water, unsuccess -ful in its hunt. Perched in a group of Birches over the water was an Eastern Phoebe and on some hummocks of grass in the low waters near the shore I caught a glimpse of a few gleaming domes of Painted Turtles basking in the sun. All enjoyable sightings.

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