Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bird Alley for Scenic Sunday

I often refer to Bird Alley in my posts and yesterday I captured some of its beauty in this garden globe image. I had been hoping to catch the swarm of colourful male goldfinch that usually hang around the niger seed feeder. (see the shadow of the cylindrical feeder to the left of the picture. Ihave no fleeing goldfinch in my picture but I was pleasantly surprised at the lovely reflection I got of part of Bird Alley as seen above. The garden gate is an addition this year as part of our attempt at deer control. At he end of the alley is a pergola my husband built a few years ago. It is now covered, (roofed over with Virginia Creeper and an American Bittersweet vine, which has such wonderful colourful berries in the fall. Often I will see birds flitting about in this lush over growth pressed against my sunroom windows.

Bird Alley is a lush green corridor which parallels the side of our house and is bordered on the right with a variety of trees. It is very colourful in the spring with blossoms from Lilac bushes, High Bush Cranberries,and Honeysuckle, both white and pink,Also an ornamental Flowering Crabappleand a wall of wild rose bushes. Also the seeds of a couple of Manitoba Maples attract birds as well. Just behind the row of trees and bushes is a very tall Silver Maple tree that is very spreading.

We have a line of bird feeders hanging in the branches of the bushes and trees which at the moment are attracting many sparrows (Song Sparrows and Chipping Sparrows) Chickadees, young Purple Finch and Goldfinch and a few Hairy and Downy Woodpeckers. Looking out my bay window looking over Bird Alley often offers much delightful viewing for me and my camera. Also our resident Chipmunks offer much amusement from watching their acrobatic antics in their feeding and play. Sometimes we have gray and red Squirrel visitors but we have not seen many recently.

Above is a view of bird Alley before the garden gate was added and there had been no growth of vines over the pergola as there is now. Also the small stature in the bird bath is no longer, It had been knocked over by deer and has been broken.

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Junneth said...

I've viewed you posts and they're really wonderful! I'll visit here often to Follow your blogs.

Mary said...

What a lovely yard and garden! I'm sure the birds are happy to call this place "home".

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Thanks.I enjoyed my stroll down bird alley.This place looks delightful.