Monday, August 16, 2010

A patch of blue for Blue Monday

A patch of blue on s femsle Vlsack duck's wing for Blue Monday meme.
Blue Monday is a meme that hosts photos which highlights the colour of blue. Please click on the bluejay badge in the right sidebar to learn more of this interesting meme found at :
. Have a great Monday, maybe even a blue one.


SmilingSally said...

That's a pretty shade of blue.

Happy Blue Monday!

Rebecca said...

great bird pics-Happy Blue Monday!

LV said...

That is a super good shot of the bird. It has just the right touch of blue. Nice job.

DeniseinVA said...

Lovely photos. I haven't noticed the little blue patch on the females. Or if I have I have forgotten about it.
Have a great week.
An English Girl Rambles

Unknown said...

Fabulous Picture. Happy Blue Monday!

Mary said...

That little bit of blue seems to be its only color...sort of a little secret to flash to anyone who spots it.