Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Welcome back to two creature strangers returned to Bird Alley fot Outdoor Wednesday

Its been quite a while since I have seen a Red-breasted Nuthatch at our feeders in Bird Alley, So a big welcome to this little feathered stranger that showed up today .

Wow! Was its tail ever red! There was no problem id'ing this red squirrel. This species I used to consider a nuisance , but this summer I had beenwondering where they had gone,But today this one was back. But I haven't seen any gray squirrels for a long time. I assume that they'll probably show up any day now. I think our hummingbirds may have lrft as I didn't see any today. Usually they are so visual and busy. Changes are coming about . Nature is beginning to prepare for the seasonal change which is just around the corner..

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Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I am happy for you to have these visitors.We have both year round.I do enjoy the Red-breasted Nuthatches.They seem to have little or no fear of humans.

Marbel said...

Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing them.

Sherrie said...

We have chipmunks in our back yard. They scamper all over the place. They are so cute. Have a great day!

Food for Thought

Mary said...

Lucky you to have the nuthatch and a red squirrel, too! Beautiful! We've still got hummingbirds here for at least another month.

Stephanie V said...

Nice capture of the nuthatch. They're such pretty little birds.

Our nuthatches have returned, too. Isn't it interesting how their absences make us notice these birds more? I've noticed the finches and robins are also back from their summer grounds as well.

Linda said...

I love watching the birds in our yard too, but I think I have bird that possible. We don't get the interesting birds here that you do in other places. We have tons of brown ground squirrels and possums too.