Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Red Leaves for Ruby Tuesday

I would like to write, "There is a hint of fall in the air but that wouldn't be true with our present high daily temperatures of 32, 33 degrees with 34 forecast for tomorrow. And who knows what the weekend will hold for us with Hurricane Earl headed up the Atlantic seaboard towards us. Hopefully cooler weather and much needed rain will result from all of the predicted possible weather forecast. But the red leaves, I spied them this morning whiledsriving by the local school ,whose parking lot was filled with cars belonging to I assume of teacher's preparing for the looming near opening of school. How well I remember those days!.. The organization and preparation for those opening days and the welcoming and getting acquainted with a new class I always compared to getting a ship underway., setting the sails, piloting a course to follow, making sure all new hands were familiar with the purpose of our year's journey. Focusing in their minds, and mine as well, on the treasure that awaits us with the gaining of our goals. Completing a successful year of studies. It reminds me somewhat of the title of a reader that we used in grade 3 or 4. "all Sails Set" I think the book had a blue cover?, or maybe it was red? Does anyone out there remember? But I havedrifited astray from myred leavesy focus and , I have lost my Ruby Tuesday anchor that I have set. Ahh ha, the red leaves and a flock of Canada Geese that I spied this morning op use for Outdoor Wednesday tomorrow.... but red leaves.They are beautiful and their approachingpresence , being a reminder of fall does not bother me at all. Summer has been and still is TOO HOT! Our fall season is one of such beauty. I welcome it!

Got photos with red? want to share them?To check out other postings on Ruby Tuesday just click on the Ruby logo on the side bar or here:http://workofthepoet.blogspot.com/. My appreciative thanks to Mary/the teach for hosting this meme


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Love those red leaves.I do hope that you are not affected by 'Earl'.
❀ Ruth ❀

Stephanie V said...

Already? Those red leaves are lovely but maybe they're caused by the heat stress rather than fall's imminence.

troutbirder said...

Very nice blog. Beautiful colors, flowers and birds.

Mary said...

I haven't seen any real color down here yet, but a lot of dry falling leaves from the drought condintions. I hope a bit of rain shows up soon. School has been in session here for several weeks already. Seems like the make summer shorter all the time for the kids.