Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Cruising the roadsides; this morning's pictures

So many butterflies and little skippers love to feed on Purple vetch. My first find this morning was a beautiful Viceroy butterfly. I also saw a lot of skippers on the vetch also. There were too many to get all of their pictures but I did get a few skipper photos. Roadside clover also proved to be a tasty delight for some of the skippers.

What was very noticeable this morning was the changing wildflower scenery. I found several species had blossomed since from my last drive through this area. Most significant to me was that Common Milkweed is now in blossom. This plant is host to many butterfly species, especially the Monarch, which I hope to see in a few days. Maybe I will even find a caterpillar to raise... hope so! The roadsides were full of many Brown-eyed Susans. A favourite wildflower beauty of mine.But what really made my day was to find Evening Primrose in bloom! This was an exciting find for this plant is the host to a beautiful little pink moth, the primrose moth. I knew that if I were patient and examined every primrose blossom I found, I would find a little pink moth tucked up in its blossom. And I did! I found three or four moths. One blossom was a real bonus find as it had two moths in it!So there you have it, the highlights of my morning's cruising of the side roads. I know Many roadside treasures await me for the next few days.


Ruth Hiebert said...

Oh these are fascinating pictures.

Emma Springfield said...

A lovely banquet was enjoyed by so many. I enjoyed this.