Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Pond

We have just returned home from vacationing in southern Ontario where we were visiting with our son and his family. There were two, among other, beautiful, much appreciated, features of their new home, firstly: central air conditioning, which was a huge PLUS considering the extreme high temperatures last week and secondly the forested area adjacent to their property which contained two ponds! A nature watcher's dream. Me on one of my daily walks, the above photo was taken by my five year old grandson, Jesse. Jesse immediately caught on to framing a subject within a camera lens. good job Jesse!
Me and my camera feasted on its delights each day! The week was like an idyllic nature retreat to me.

Shown above the first and closest pond featured ducks, goldfish,frogs, a turtle and a belted Kingfisher.
Each day began with a visit to the pond and a sighting of this adult female duck, shown above with her three ducklings, they were always swimming about in the first pond.
A wonderful delight awaited us when it was discovered that this pond held many cold water goldfish!What an amazing sight to see the schools of these tiny gold fish near the pond's surface. They did not come to be here naturally but must have been released into the pond by some previous goldfish owner. There are so many to be seen here they appear to be thriving in this pond environment.

I shall continue to post this coming week many of the delights and discoveries I encountered during my week in this pond and forest setting.


Bill S. said...

Very interesting. We sometimes catch goldfish that has been released (illegally) in some ponds around here.

grammie g said...

Hi Ann....What an interesting week you are in for at the pond...I can tell from todays veiws it is going to be !!
Mallards are my very favorie ducks!!
PS My home town where I grew up is Houlton Maine...sound familar???

Ruth Hiebert said...

Sounds like the perfect setting for a vacation.