Saturday, February 11, 2012

An Eagle Sighting

Yesterday was just like a spring day! the sun was shining very brightly and warm. There were pools of water created from melting snow along the streets and the sky was a beautiful blue and its spaciousness was like an invitation for flight. I was lucky to see this Eagle sighting.
In the morning when we left home to go shopping for groceries in a nearby community about 28-30 kilometers away, I had a hopeful feeling of maybe we would see something special! We were almost to the town of our destination when I suddenly realized I had forgotten to take my daily morning medications. So,I said to my husband, "We have to go back home to take my pills" and so we did after a bit of discussion related to my neglect. Just as we were leaving the secondary road and turned onto the highway that goes past my house my husband saw it, the Eagle!! soaring high in the sky! It was so beautiful and majestic.! I took the pictures from the cab of our moving truck. I only had my smallest zoom lens on my Canon Rebel. a Canon 55-250 mm. IS. But it was sufficient:with cropping and using the sharpening and lightness features on Photoshop I am able to post these photo results this morning.

The head and tail of this Eagle looked so white and clean, it might have been an ad for a laundry detergent.

Eagle Power
laundry powder with the strength of an Eagle's flight,
it will keep your feathers both clean and white

the white of eagles seen are not always so crisp and sparkling white looking.
Just look at the dingy scruffiness of this eagle portrait that I had taken a couple of months ago in December, 2011. Just look at that white ???? tail! in the photo above That bird needs some 'Eagle Power Powder' to launder its tail to make it 'as white as snow.

Its a day of softly falling snow here today. I have a good book that should take care of the rest of the day. hope everyone has a great one!


DeVona said...

I always start off my day by checking a few of my favorite blogs...your eagle post left my spirits soaring, thank you! And your laundry powder ditty left a smile on my face! Thanks for a wonderful start to my day! It's been a great week of posts; the only snow buntings I've ever sighted were on your blog! Have a great weekend!

Ruth Hiebert said...

Great sighting. An Eagle is always a special treat to see.

eileeninmd said...

Great sighting of the eagle. I was enjoy seeing the eagles.

Helen said...

I forgot to take my meds this morning until about an hour before lunch. I waited and took them then since some of them called for to take with food.
Loved the Eagles. They are a beautiful bird. I have been watching several eagle cams. Helen

Bill S. said...

Great photos and sighting. Last week we watched as 21 came in to roost on the Camas National Wildlife Refuge about 40 miles from my home.

Kathie Brown said...

What a treat to see!

Mary said...

How wonderful to get to see this and you got some great photos! I can't believe you got those while moving in the truck! I take terrible flying shots. Just can't get focused...too slow. Very nice!