Monday, February 06, 2012

Finally, a snow bunting sighting!

The picture above does not do justice to this exciting snow bird sighting yesterday! I was on my way home in the afternoon after a short while of driving on snowy country roads hoping to encounter some kind of interesting creature sighting. Snowbirds!!! Yes!!!!along the roadside in Central Blissville frightened away by the approach of my car. My presence flushed them into the nearby field.I have been hoping to see this beautiful white winter bird species all season, but that had not been my experience until yesterday afternoon. there were about 32 in all. It was a happy sighting experience for me! I wonder what I might see today? I guess I won't know until I get out there this morning after I trek to the post office to mail valentines to our grandchildren this morning. Have a great day everyone!

I relocated this flock of Snow Buntings this morning in the same location where I had seen them yesterday, I returned home for lunch and to change camera lenses. Hopefully with my canon zoom lens 100-400 mm IS I can get a closer view of these beautiful snowbirds this afternoon. When I returned to my snow bird sighting location with my larger lens, the birds were no where to be seen? Maybe another dasy?! I hope so! It is so much fun to see the unexpected.


Annie Jeffries said...

So, so pretty. I wonder - do they have extra layers of soft feathers to endure the cold of winter.

Margaret Manring said...

Snow buntings might be my favorite sighting of all.
Thank you for these thrilling photos. Have you ever thought of cards...I will be first in line.