Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Brightly Coloured Goldfinch

It was with pleasure that I took this photo of a brightly coloured Goldfinch in Bird Alley yesterday afternoon, for it has seemed with the recent duration of rainy , dark days that all beauty and bright colour had left.  We have had very few bird visitors recently, thus this bright goldfinch attracted me.

I was assuming this was a male Goldfinch until I saw my next Goldfinch photo which had a full black cap! , and then I realized that in  my first photo pictured , although the Goldfinch had a brightly coloured lemon yellow body , it did not have a black cap!

Then looking carefully and by cropping I got a closer look at the first Goldfinch picture, and yes, I  
could see the beginnings of black starting to show on the bird's head.  So, yes I am calling it a male, but is it a mature male just having undergone a spring molt? or is it a young male just coming into its own by growing in its distinctive black cap?
Its not a big problem or an issue to me, just a reminder to me to look look carefully at what I am seeing before I jump to identification conclusions.
Nature has so much beauty to observe, just enjoy its beauty by taking that second look.
Have a great sunny, warm day everyone as such is forecasted today!!


Mary said...

I love the summer colors of the Goldfinches. Good shots of both.

Em Parkinson said...

Interesting that your Goldfinches are so different from ours, which are about as colourful as birds get over here! Beautiful photos.