Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Warblers Welcome in Bird Alley

Each day recently there has been surprise feathered visitor in Bird Alley and yesterday was no different! 
 for the surprise outside our window was a handsome, male Chestnut-sided warbler.

As a rule ,warblers do not feed at feeders as they are mainly insect eaters, but sometimes, if we are lucky, every now and then will pause and stop on their way through Bird Alley like this one did yesterday.  Its a handsome little bird with a brightly coloured yellow cap. , white cheek patches and black between its eyes and beak.  It also had a white eye ring but that feature cannot be seen in these pictures.  It had a white breast and running down both sides are chestnut or reddish brown stripes.
also yesterday in bird alley we had a lot of Pine Siskin activity, and a white-crowned sparrow also dropped by along with many Goldfinch.  and the female Northern Cardinal dropped in also.  It could have been all of the bird activity that might have attracted the warbler,  We also had Mourning Doves, a Blue Jay, Chickadees  and Grackles.  I saw the hummingbird in the morning but there was no sight of it in the afternoon. You never know what each day will bring.  Its nature's treat outside our windows each day! Maybe a different species warbler will drop by today?

A year ago today we had Rose- breasted Grosbeaks at our feeders!!!  I wondering when we will see them in Bird Alley this spring? I am watching and waiting for this handsome species daily.  Maybe today?

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Pamela Gordon said...

What a pretty little bird to have at your feeder. The goldfinches have been around all week and are so brightly coloured and cute. I had a humming bird at the feeder this morning but not since. I love watching the birds in our yard. I also saw a lot of large black birds flying high atop the hill behind us and thought they might be eagles but more likely they were turkey vultures. Yesterday there were about 20 of them!! I doubt there'd be that many eagles in one spot. Pam