Friday, May 03, 2013

Finch Day in Bird Alley

Yesterday we had many Purple Finch arriving in Bird Alley and the golden yellow male goldfinch were there too.  So it was a very colourful day at our bird feeders.  As well we had Song, White-throated and Chipping Sparrows.  Also Hairy and Downey Woodpeckers showed up along with  many Grackles and Red=-winged blackbirds too and we had our daily share of Mourning Doves also.  Plus Chickadees and Blue Jays.completed our bird viewing of the day.
And a pair of Cowbirds ( above) were surprise visitors!

Word must have quickly spread after this above was posted  this morning for shortly after, this colourful group of finch cousins, Evening Grosbeaks arrived in Bird Alley.   After having seen the first grosbeak I quickly spread a feast of black-oiled sunflower seeds out for them, and the invite to lunch was soon accepted!


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