Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gray Catbird Seen Yesterday

When you by chance might hear a slight mewing in the woods, do youknow that that sound is not necessarily made by a cat? Yes, there is a bird that meows! It is the Catbird!  And I saw a  Gray Catbird yesterday!  I usually see one each year in about the same location but yesterday's sighting seemed to be a bit early to me.  Catbird's like to nest in wild rose bushes.  That is how I first became accustomed to seeing them.  We have an old wild rose bush in Bird Alley and one year a Catbird pair built a nest in our rosebush. Our Rose bush used to be huge but we have since pruned it back.  It was so out of control and rambling. There is no sign of wild rose blossoms in Bird Alley yet and there won't be for a while.  That is why I say that the Catbird I saw yesterday seemed to be an early sighting.

The Catbird is a handsome slate gray bird with a black cap.  This photo is of the Catbird I saw yesterday.

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Riel Nason said...

He looks so soft.