Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hummingbird shadows for Shadow Shot Sunday

I had posted pictures of this fence in late summer or early fall about the time my husband had finished it, Plese click on the fence picture on the right sidebar to read more about this fence.I have been looking at it all winter on sunny days wondering about shadows but did not walk across the deep snow on our side lawn to check it out as it was a difficult challenge,

The snow surface has now hardened and I can cross the lawn easily on the hardened surface and when I peeked behind the fence it was as I had suspected!Hummingbird shadows on the snow! It was worth the wait until I could check it out!

To learn more of Shadow Shot Sunday and perhaps to make your own contribution please click on the icon on the right sidebar of this page to go to the meme homepage. Happy Shadow watching to all


bobbie said...

Perfect! Yes, it was worth the wait. This fence of yours is a gem in itself,and the shadows make it even better.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

That fence must have been a labor of love.Bothe the fence and the shadows are so special.