Monday, March 22, 2010

A pair of Goldeneyes

Their wild beauty stirred me as they rushed flying through the air.
They felt a need to escape as they saw me standing there
These beautiful wild creatures; a Goldeneye pair.

Goldeneyes are always the focus of my search for spring ducks. I find their appearance, especially the male, one of beauty! They are the first wild ducks that I became familiar with. I had discovered these ducks at the village lagoon the previous evening. Yesterday I drove up to the gate of the fenceing of the lagoon and got out of my car. Just as I had my camera focused on this pair, They took off in flight. I just followed them with my camera and I was really pleased with the result! Hopefully I will find many other species here soon and their pictures will appear here within other pages of this blog. I am inspired by my daughter's new blog on quilting( see the link in sidebar please)and I hope to make a quilt block of a male Goldeneye, soon.


Stephanie V said...

I do like Goldeneyes. We have lots here...must get out to see some soon.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Great flight shots.I am still waiting to see the ducks here.I have heard of a few reports of them around.

Bill S. said...

Great captures. It is alway hard to catch birds in flight.

Becky said...

I saw my first Goldeneyes a few weeks ago, but not in flight. Excellant catch Ann.