Sunday, March 28, 2010

An Inukshuk for Scenic Sunday

Today While driving along highway #105 which borders the Saint John River I began looking for this line of old log boom piers that cross the river near Oromocto, Standing on the first pier in the river at this point is an innukshuk. An innukshuk or stone landmark originated with the Inuit peoples of the north, It is made of stones and its shape somewhat resembles a human figure. To some it is thought of as a stone landmark. Some of you readers may recognize or associate this innushuk with the one built for the Vancouver winter games. This delightful little structure which I took pictures of today has been there for several years. I think it had collapsed or was dismantled a few years ago and I was so pleased to see it there today. To see it was almost like encountering an old friend.

Scenic Sunday is an opportunity to share your scenic surroundings with others. To learn more of this meme or to share your own contribution please click on the scenic Sunday icon on the right of this page. Have a great Sunday everyone.


Adrienne Zwart said...

Had to search through your blog a bit to find this Scenic Sunday entry, but I'm glad I did. These little structures fascinate me. I always wonder at the patience of the builder.

bobbie said...

I never knew the name of these structures. Thank you.

Mary said...

Very interesting! Glad you explained about them.