Monday, April 05, 2010

My Morning Wanderings so far

Its really this kind of day, something to sing about. My yellow tomato plants that I have started inside are stretching their green sprouts upward to the sun shining brightly in my windows. I went out for an early drive looking to see if an Osprey has claimed the old nest that is used by Osprey each year. I saw no sign of habitation, but yesterday we watched an Osprey hunting over the river yesterday. Soon we will discover where it will nest this season. Perhaps its mate hasn't arrived yet. My first nature sighting this morning were three White-tailed Deer in s field. This one of the three It looked both healthy and curious.Next I came to a favourite pond that has just recently shed its winter covering of ice. I could see two ducks at the back end of the pond but had to wait until downloading to determine that they were Black Ducks. The sun was very strong and bright and created many reflections of the bushes surrounding the pondon the water.. This setting was very picturesque.Next I returned to our village and checked the river for Osprey and I was very lucky to find a pair of Common Mergansers there, The white of the male made it very outstanding on the water.Upon returning home I heard and then saw this little Song Sparrow singing in our Russian Mountain Ash tree. The temperature reading on our outdoor thermometer reads +25 degrees celcuis. Next I zm going to check out the river again from the footpath of the old railroad bridge, then an old woods road where I saw lots of butterflies yesterday which all evaded my camera. My main nature focus today will be to find another Osprey. Have a great day everyone. It is glorious here.


bobbie said...

I love that little song bird so much! Have a wonderful day!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Have a fun day.Looking for photos is so enjoyable.

Helen said...

Sounds as if you have already had a great day. Helen