Thursday, April 08, 2010

Morning Sunrise: Looking at the sky on Friday

Waiting for the orb to appear, we know its coming by the colouring in the sky.The dawning of a new day!
Ahhh: the enjoyment of a new view, we have been replacing old windows in our house this week and this morning's new view from our dining room included the rising sun, the joy of it all!

The meme'Looking at the sky on Friday invites you to share your view of the sky. To learn moreof this meme, please click on the icon on the right sidebar.


Helen said...

Beautiful photos. What a terrific view to wake up to in the mornings. Well worth replacing those windows. Helen

Becky said...

I really love the sun coming up behind the trees. So beautiful Ann.

Pearl Maple said...

Sweet glow of light in your sky this week is lovely.

Mary said...

Lovely! I hadn't heard of Looking at the Sky on Friday....similar to SkyWatch, I guess?