Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Watching the River

This morning for my early morning drive I decided to check the river first for ducks. I stopped at an observation deck to look for mergansers and first saw one male. Then two males!As I was on the opposite side of the river I wanted to get closer to these ducks so I waited at the bend in the river , just before the highway bridge crossed the river., so I went back to my car and drove to a parking area further down the river where I knew I would be able to watch the ducks when they swam down river. Finally I saw one male coming down the riverThen, I watched it as it hit the rough water under the highway bridge, then I lost sight of it.I sat and waited for more mergansers but I saw no more come around the bend!, but where did they go? While waiting for more ducks I kept hearing an Eastern Phoebe singing.so I decided to check it out. there is an inviting walking path that goes under the bridge so I walked along it. And no, I didn't find the phoebe, but I did find the mergansers! 4 or 5 of them!!!! , in the water under and by the bridge and they immediately took off when they saw me!How had they gotten by without me seeing them?!There was a female among the males, the female does not have a white body as the male mergansers do!


Mary said...

Neat! What an adventure. Don't you love when you are trying to track one bird and something else exciting comes along, too. Love that last shot...very funny looking.

me ann my camera said...

;I think the last shot looks like the bird is walking on water. i like nature adventures that unfold right before my eyes. Ann

Becky said...

I've seen quite a few Mergansers this year so far, and they can swim very fast. You had a pretty walk. I love the Birch trees.
have a nice rest of the week Ann.