Monday, April 05, 2010

confirming a moth id with a new photo: The Infant Moth

Yesterday I had requested help in confirming my id of the moth shown in the photo directly sbove. You can access the post by scrolling down on this page. I had concluded the moth in question was called 'The Infant' and gave reasons for my conclusion in yesterday's post .

Today I took this photo (shown above) of the same species of the moth I had shown yesterday. Yesterday's photo did not have so much orange showing in the photo.Please compare the white markings on the outer wings in both photos to see the similarities. A reader had suggested that I contact Bug guide for their help. Today I went to Bugguide and did a search on their home page for "the infant". The page that it provided in response to my search was an obvious visual match to the photo I had taken today so that is why I am confirming the id that I had guessed at yesterday. The Bugguide page that matched my moth photo can be found at can be found at:
This was fun!

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Mary said...

I can see where the orange comes in now! Great photo!