Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tree Swallow Feeding Time

The first indication to me of nesting Tree Swallows was when I saw a swallow fly toward and enter this electrical box(shown above)
I think the box is now in disuse, other than by Tree Swallows that is. I had driven to this location to check on a Common Milkweed patch around there which is now coming into bloom. I am hoping to find some Monarch butterflies and also their caterpillars this summer. I am especially interested in Tree Swallows right now as the ones nesting in our Tree Swallow house in our garden have started acting rather hostile towards my husband as he is working outdoors They are diving at his head and
he has started to hold a plastic flower pot over his head to avoid their possible collision.. One also dove at me one day and came very close as I heard its cry close by my ear This has never happened before in all the years that we have had Tree Swallows nesting there. I decided to watch for the return of the swallow I had seen enter the hole in the electrical box and wondered if I would be attacked while sitting there in my car. "No",nothing like that happened as I watched one Tree Swallow feed the one that appeared in the opening of the nest box.In the picture above is the swallow that was being fed; a baby? Its quite adult looking don't you think?

That's all for now as the adult bird (the feeder) leaves.
Now that I know of this bird nest I shall take note of it again as I continue to check on the Milkweed Patch there, but I shall not make a nuisance of myself to the swallows. I shall remain sitting in my car as I was when taking these pictures. Have a great day everyone and especially to my little grandson who visits and reads my blog often.
As I had gone outside to get a picture of my husband and his 'protection strategy', this Tree Swallow at our Tree Swallow bird house, flew directly up into my face. Its a bit of an unsettling experience. They do not make actual contact, or impact but in my case it could cause me to move quickly and lose my balance and fall from the door step where I was standing.


Stephanie V said...

What a wonderful series of photos, Ann. Birds do choose funny places for their nests.
AA plastic post sounds like a good idea...I wonder why they've decided to attack this year?

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Oh do be careful and don't let a Swallow throw you over.It must be a surprise to be dive bombed by these birds.

Appalachian Lady said...

Great photos. I am surprised they would use the electrical box--hope it doesn't hurt them. Looks like they are ready to fledge. I keep watching my milkweed plants for monarchs--not sign yet but I do have a few every year.

Becky said...

This is so funny Ann. We have no Tree Swallows this year, but when we do they dive bomb our cats and the cats almost flip over trying to get away,
Super pictures.
I'm hoping for Monarch caterpillars too.

me ann my camera said...

We think most all of the baby tree swallows have left,except for one which sits all day with its head poking out of the bird house. several tree swallows fly around the bird house together encouraging the remaining one to take that final step towards independence, to leave the bird house. The parent birds are concerned and agitated. I do wish the last bird would leave soon. This does seem to be early for the babies to have left the nest.

eileeninmd said...

Great series of swallow photos. The birds do get protective around their nest. I hav had the house wren flying at my head this week.

Mary said...

LOL! I Love your husband's protection strategy! I'm sure it isn't funny for him, but it sure looks funnin the photo :-) Maybe they will fly away soon and leave you at peace again.