Thursday, June 10, 2010

metal, jewellery and nature designs

To learn more of Thursday Challenge and andnext week's theme ofmetallic,metal, jewellery, etc please click on the photo of the jewelled dragonfly on the right sidebar on this page. Have a great day! Oops! my apology, I have the weeks mixed up and posted to next week's theme instead ojf'urban, buildings, etc which is this week's theme.

This theme for next week's Thursday challenge really challenged me a bit today until I was thinking about my most favourite nature sightings, butterflies, moths and dragonflies when I knew what I would post.I ran (mentally) to take its picture.

When a physiotherapist first suggested that I buy myself a cane I searched for one that I could identify with. It has become my friend and companion that helps me with my balance while walking along railroad tracks looking for snapping turtles laying their eggs, while strolling through uneven surfaced grassy meadows looking for butterflies or dragonflies, or when going up or down slopes or little hills going to the river or when walking along my favourite wooded walking trails. The butterfly designs on my metal walking cane are very lovely. lively and inspiring.
Anbother part of the theme today is jewelery I have two beauties to share with you. I have always loved rhinestones as a child. My first piece of rhinestone jewelery was a yellow and lime green necklace and earring set, a gift from my father. I could not believe that I owned such magnificent beauty when it was given to me. Today my daughter, Riel, has that set. And this treasure below was a gift from my daughter and my grandson for Christmas one year. To me it was a perfect choice and I love it.
Whenever I wear this dragonfly pin(above) it always receives compliments and praise for its lovileness.
A second piece that fits the jewelery , metal, nature theme is this blue jewelled dragonfly, a gift from my granddaughter via my daughter Riel.Isn't it special?!
And to keep this post nature themed I will include a picture of a butterfly I saw yesterday. Its a toss up between a meadow fritillary and a silver-bordered fritillary, but I think its the latter,
a Silver-bordered fritillary.


bobbie said...

I'm happy that you found the perfect cane. Isn't it interesting that we do identify with such items as we get older. I was always sad that my sister would never consider using a cane, although she really needed one. She rejected the idea because it would make her feel like an old lady. (She died at 83)
The cane and jewelry you have shown us are very beautiful.

Leora said...

Lovely dragon fly pin. Michelle at Rambling Woods has a post about fireflies ... the pin would go so nicely with that post.

me ann my camera said...

Bobbie, I don't mind using a cane, it serves its purpose. I also call it my dog stick, tho I'vc never used it as such. one year two, not so cute dogs, wearing hankerchiefs around their necks kept angirly nipping st me. One msde a hole with its teeth in my pant leg. I haven't gone for a walk without a stick or cane since. I don't mind appearing old. the cane accents my white hair. It doesn't disguise my youth (that's gone)I have a birthday coming up this month. a big milestone for me and yesterday we celebrated our 44th. wedding anniversary. If a person needs to use a cane, use it! It could be a best friend. I don't need mine all the time, but its a great back up when I need help in my outdoors adventures. Ann

Stephanie V said...

Beautiful dragonfly jewels. I think dragonflies are like jewels in wonder they are so inspiring to jewelry makers.

Your cane is a beautiful accessory.

Appalachian Lady said...

I use a hiking stick more often to help with balance. I love the dragonfly pin (second one).

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

The Dragonfly pins are beautiful.
Thanks for your encouragement on my blog.