Friday, June 25, 2010

Tree Swallow Update

Tree Swallow gang. Now there's four at the Tree Swallow house. Are the two perched on the post babies? If so is there still one still in the bird house? it seems the adult has food for it still! What a busy location this is! Please click to enlarge.

These pictures were taken this morning in my backyard. We had thought there was only one baby Tree Swallow left in the bird house. We were wrong. There are two. Only after they have gone will I be able to comfortably be able to walk around our back yard. The adult birds are very wary and alert. While standing on our deck taking these pictures, they were diving at me, shouting angrily at me in bird language. We hope these babies get enough courage to leave today! I want the priviledge of walking peacefully around my backyard my yard back.
The adult Tree Swallow is very attentive in its feeding duties.

Have a great day! Editing news: The Tree Swallow problem has been resolved. At about 10:30 am. the last baby tree swallow left the nest. The Tree Swallow House in our yard is now empty!. There have been no more episodes of adult tree swallows diving at us. We can now enjoy the peasefullness of our yard again. It was quite an experience!


Appalachian Lady said...

Thanks for the update. I enjoyed learning about the tree swallows and seeing what good parents they were.

Kitty said...

Ann, I can't find a contact email for you, so I will post this here.

My mom, Bobbie, asked us to make sure you knew that you were counted among her dearest blog friends.

In looking at your blogs, I can see why my mom gravitated toward you.

Thank you for your kind words and thoughts and for the friendship you extended to my mom.

Be well, Kitty

Mary said...

They are such beautiful birds! Hope they fly and let you into your own backyard again :-)

Pearl Maple said...

Darling little birds, it is lovely to sit and watch the next generation of wildlife coming along.

Becky said...

We had Tree Swallows stop by, but just like the Bluebirds didn't stay. Glad I can come here to see them.
Thanks Ann.

Mary said...

I'm glad to hear that you can walk in your yard again :-) It was great that you were so patient with them. Watching youngs birds make it to the flying stage is always a blessing.