Friday, September 10, 2010

Drainage Pipe for weekend reflections

I would much prefer that there had of been a beautiful Wood Duck swimming out from the mouth of this pipe as I have seen before for it connects to a small pond on the other side of the railroad embankment.

Looking through my photo archives I came upon this beautiful reflection of a Common Merganser in the water shown below. The reflection of colour on the water tells us that it is in the autumn of the year. Not that I want to hurry the seasons too much, but I find myself looking forward to that beautiful season of colourful falling leaves: the Autumn.

Weekend Reflections a meme where you can view beautiful reflections captured by others. Just click on the logo on the right to see what others have captured with their cameras.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Who would have thought that a drainage pipe could be that pretty.I love the reflections on both shots.
Beauty really is everywhere,we just have to look.

'Tsuki said...

That is a random heart as well as a stunning reflection... Great sharing, thank you !

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

Very interesting and quite eye-catching. Enjoy your weekend.☺

Helen said...

Great pictures of reflections. Helen

Becky said...

Excellant choices Ann. I love the heart shape of the drain reflection.

Mary said...

If you look sideways it makes a heart shape...very nice! That Merganser is very pretty and the water colors are great in that shot. Almost amazing that the reflection shows up with all that other color!