Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Welcome Fall

Today is the first Day of Fall (Autumn) in Canada!

Hello Fall©

You're back early this year

or does it just seem that way to me?
I've seen the advance notices of your coming

The leaving of the Hummingbirds
an early Junco in Bird Alley the other day
Song Sparrows foraging about in foliage tunnels
of undergrowth in overgrown corners of the bower

Autumn winds whisper change
as they energize the tall summer grasses
and damselflies cling and sway
to ancient choreographed rhythms

The woods and roadsides are scattered with Asters
beautiful blues accenting the late summer Goldenrod
and fluttering Cabbage Whites and Common Yellows
flit about in the afternoon sun with programmed purpose

My garden is full of mature colour
deep yellows and pinks of Coneflowers
vibrant reds of Bee Balm and Celosia
and sky blue Morning Glories

As the process of regeneration begins anew
seed pods filled with determination for next year's renewal
are replacing blooms on annuals

and blossoms fade as somber browns emerge

Our neighbor's apple trees fringing our back yard
message enticement with their rosy ripeness
while baby turtles tunnel their way to the surface
from egg filled nests laid during warm June days

Frogs now grown
bask in the strong afternoon sun
and acknowledge my presence with 'bleeps'
as they leap into the tranquil pond waters

Encroaching early evening darkness
proclaims a departure of long summer days
and the reds and yellows and oranges of turning leaves
trumpet your return....

Welcome back!
©Ann of; Me Ann My Camera


Anonymous said...

Excellent poetry and I can envision all that you describe so perfectly and feel it in my bones!

Mary said...

WEll done! Such a perfect description of the advent of autumn.