Monday, March 01, 2010

Hollyhock seeds waiting for spring

Yesterday I had posted a shadow of a dried Hollyhock stock beside my garage. We have made it through the winter and now the season is on the brink of spring a time of and renewal of growth and new beginnings, I usually let the dried seeds disperse by themselves being scattered by the wind and birds , etc. Today I thought I would look a bit closer at the seed pod to see how they had over wintered..I love their textured appearance.These seed pods looked a bit tattered and worn but I found the seeds still intact inside. It is so amazing what seeds do when they are nourished by the earth and sunshine,What a wonderful potential treasure has been stored within. Soon!


bobbie said...

What a beautiful shadow.
Hollyhocks make me think of my childhood. My mother had so many.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

These are the promise of beautiful flowers to come.

Stephanie V said...

Yes! Hollyhock seed pods are amazing things. I love the way the seeds are so neatly placed inside the wrapper. And then in summer you have such beautiful flowers.

Becky said...

It is wonderful how these little gems winter over to provide us with such great beauty. I was given a small bag of Hollyhock seeds last Fall by another Bogger, and can't wait to plant them.

Mary said...

Hollyhocks are so pretty....what fun to look at the seeds and dream of warmer times.