Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Looking out my window for Outdoor Wednesday

Cedar waxwings
American Goldfinch
These pictures pretty well the sum total of my window watching birding recently, I should perhaps add a picture of a Crow and a Mourning Dove to make the sightings report more accurate. I am hoping soon to see a Grackle or a Red-winged Blackbird and a Robin, for in the past springs they have brought excitement to my inside viewing while standing in my living room. This has been a very poor winter for birding excitement from inside. Several years ago we put a bay window in our living room after, having bought a 100 year old house that needed some remolding and renovations we planned our new windows with a twofold purpose.(lighting and birding) We have replaced most of the windows in our house and shall finish with replacing them all in a few weeks for we have plans of a new bay window in our dining room. I am quite excited with all of the possibilities for more birding from inside that it will offer. Now for the birds to return to their cycle of frequent visiting and to find my binoculars.
Hairy Woodpecker
Black -capped Chickadee
Northern Shrike

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bobbie said...

You do have wonderful views from your windows! These are marvelous pictures.

Bill S. said...

Beautiful pictures of the feeder birds. The Red-wings have showed up here, now I am waiting for the grosbeaks and warblers.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Lovely selection of birds you've got there.

Chilly Walk

Stephanie V said...

Those photos are all the more spectacular for having been taken from the inside.
Those waxwings are so sleek and handsome.

~✽Mumsy✽~ said...

Beautiful birds! You're so lucky to see them outside your window..

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

It is great to be able to watch the birds from in the house.Sounds like those new windows will serve you well.

Ms. Bake-it said...

What great photos! I especially love the pictures of the Cedar Waxwings and the American Goldfinch. The Goldfinch looks too cute all fluffed up.

~ Tracy

Mary said...

What a beautiful bird that Shrike is! Love that chickadee coy :-) and the Hairy and the Waxwings. You have some pretty nice visitors at your windows.