Saturday, March 06, 2010

A Northern Shrike for Camera Critters

AT first it seemed to be floundering in the bushes seen behind it, I had noticed movement and because of its size thought it might be a Blue Jay, but when it righted itself and perched on the rounded metal trellis a glance brought 'Mocking Bird' to mind for there is strong similarity in appearance between a Mocking Bird and a Northern Shrike. Bird Alley was completely devoid of birds except for the Shrike , but it stayed for perhaps A full minute before flying off.It couldn't have chosen a more perfect backdrop than if it had been posed in a nature studio. The muted shades of the overcast sky and the wintry white outdoors of muted shades of black, white and gray matched the bird perfectly!What a healthy , handsome looking bird this was. It appears to have wintered well!
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bobbie said...

This is a beautiful bird. I have never seen one.

Lorac said...

Truly good find. You got some fine pictures of him!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Gorgeous pictures.This guy was posing so well for you.