Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Remembering Robins for Ruby Tuesday

Can there be a greater sighting at this time year than of a beautiful red-breasted Rubin. I am treating myself this morning by looking at Robin pictures in my photo archives. I think I saw a Robin in our high bush cranberry tree one day last week. maybe just wistful thinking on my part but it sure gave my springtime spirts a hopeful lift lift. Soon. Only 18 more days until its officially spring.!!!!!

The beauty of fall is enhanced with the harvesting of these mountain ash (Rowan Tree) berries. What a treasure of a photo opportunity to look forward to. I love Robins .As each spring season renews itself I am so totally amazed at all the beauty that passes through our bird alley and gardens;daily. A Happy Ruby Tuesday to all. To learn more of this meme with its red focus, please cliak on the Ruby Tuesday icon on the sidebar on the right. Thanks to May,t the teach for hosting this delightful meme.


Stephanie V said...

The robins do enjoy their rowan berries - that's a looked for event in the fall as we have many rowan trees.
Our robins are back...I've spied them gathering nest material.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Thanks for these lovely Robin pictures.To me the first sighting of the Robin means spring is officially here.No Robins here yet. :(

wildcatwoods said...

Robins were visiting us just yesterday but today we have snow!

Carolina Mountains

Bill S. said...

We have a few robins showing up in my yard even though most of the yard is snow covered. Just waiting for spring.