Friday, June 11, 2010

A Fox Family Outing

Yesterday, as we were traveling down highway #101 around the community of Claredon , my husband who was driving, shouted, "Do you see the fox? get its picture!" I did get its picture, along with a baby fox, when he said , "Do you see the babies?" I hadn't seen them all but I managed to get another picture as he stopped our vehicle and a third little fox appeared from out of the ditch where it had been!. what a wonderful! photo opportunity, but then the worry began as all three ran across the highway in front of us.
Now that all three were safe on the other side of the road we could see that Momma Fox was not content and that she wanted to return back across the highway. With Momma fox in the lead , all three proceeded to recross the highway again in front of our eyes in the oncoming traffic.

Be careful Momma,Please Take heed
of those two babies you lead, take them safely home
whereever you roam
When Momma Fox was safe on the other side of the highway, Baby Fox one took its chances and crossed the highway safely , as it carefully lifted one paw after another.
Baby Fox number two chose a more precarious time to cross, "Hurry, hurry Little Fox!"

And the happy ending of the story for today is that all three foxes made it safely across the highway to the other side. What a dangerous life these beautiful creatures of nature live each day in their attempts to raise and feed and fend for their young familes.

A happy Friday and upcoming weekend to all.


bobbie said...

Whew! They made it. Animals do live precarious lives.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

They are so cute.What a thrill it must have been to witness this and then the bonus of getting pictures.Lucky you.

Helen said...

Great shots. I know mama's of wild creatures have a hard time feeding their young. Helen

EG CameraGirl said...

Your photos are fun and your commentary made me smile. Isn't it nice to have a husband who spots great photo opportunities? Yours sounds a bit like mine. I think we are both very lucky. :)

Stephanie V said...

Oh! They're wonderful. I've never seen a fox in the wild...what a treat that would be. Well-spotted...and good camera work.

Becky said...

My goodness Ann, what a wonderful opportunity you had. You got some fantastic pictures too. 3 kits. I've never seen even 1 kit.I saw 2 foxes today. One was dead along the railroad tracks, and the Vultures were dining on it, and the other was out in the middle of a field running away. No pictures here. I did see one down on the creek behind our house last week. It was in poor condition and saw me first. Of course it ran away.
These ones you saw look to be in good condition.

Riel Nason said...

The little kits are so sweet. I love foxes! Great series of pics!

Mary said...

I'm so glad there was a happy ending! How cute the littles ones are and what a beautiful family.