Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Bobolink and A Flicker

Yesterday afternoon I told my husband I was taking a drive over to Sunpoke, a nearby rural area to find a Bobolink. In the past summers we often would find Bobolink here sitting on power lines overlooking meadows. I wasn't having any luck until I saw a shadowy looking bird on an overhead wire. I couldn't distinguish any of its markings from where I was sitting in my car but I took its picture anyway.After having downloaded this picture I decided to do some photo editing to see if I could' id' it! Imagine my surprise when I took away the shadows!And much to my surprise and delight I discovered I had taken a picture of a male Bobolink!
Also yesterday I noticed many Flickers 'flitting about, but most of them were too fast for me to capture a decent picture of one. This is all I was able to get but I love the setting of this Flicker perched on a end of a trimmed branch on this old tree. The yellow in the background at the bottom of the picture is of a field full of buttercups! So lovely!

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