Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cliff Swallows and their nest building

This photo shown above I had taken this morning. The header photo was taken yesterday morning. The nest is lopsided and we maybe are seeing the work of an inexperienced builder. And it has taken a long time for the nest to have reached this stage. The photo shown below was taken on June 1st. The Cliff Swallow seen in the nest above appears to be alone. Perhaps it hasn't been able to find or attract a mate? I shall continue to monitor its progress easily as this location is just across the road from where I live. Perhaps it will abandon the nest or find a mate?
LinkIf you click on this url you will find a post I had written last year about the Cliff Swallows at this location you can see a photo of what a completed Cliff Swallow nest looks like..

This photo of a pair of Cliff Swallows was taken at this location last year on May 27th 2010.

Cliff Swallows
Happy in love
in their mansion of mud.
May their household prosper!

1 comment:

Nellie from Beyond My Garden said...

How interesting to watch the nesting of a Cliff swallow in progress. All the little bumps of mud. I'm trying not to, but I will probably keep thinking about that alone little bird. (like I have nothing better to worry about.)
I noticed my first Cliff swallows during a picnic under old Rt 66 in Oklahoma.
I'll keep coming back to check on your nest. I hope he gets it turned around.